About me

I have nearly forty years of experience as a clinician, while thirtyfive in supervision, education and professional development in my own company. Influenced by systemic and narrative ideas and expressive art formats. I presented a narrative research project around "change" in the mid nineties and, besides my ordinary work, are now writing on professional books, developing Life Staging® and cooperate with a massai women’s project in Tanzania. My ordinary work consists of supervision/counseling and coaching of professionals in the fields of psychosocial work and health care together with education and organizational work in the same area. I also give consultations to individuals, couples and families/networks. I´m a certified Psychologist and a certified Psychotherapist in Family Therapy. I have a diploma in Advanced Family Therapy (IFT London), and authorized Supervisor and member of the Swedish Supervisor Organisation;

About life staging®

Life Staging® challenge the already taken-for granted ideas and truths and trust on “knowledge-in-the-making” and provides at the same time a co-creative and teambuilding activity.
Life Staging® is not only a format, but also a philosophy that offers an alternative way of thinking about self, others, information and the overall professional performance. It’s about narratives from the mind and body - a way of rich story development.
Life Staging® has developed through my professional experience and my narrative research and practice. Inspiration also comes from philosophy, psychodrama, family constellations (Hellinger), systemic ideas and artwork.

The story

After many years of experience as a supervisor I found myself less vitalized by hearing endless verbal descriptions, explanations and understandings of families and phenomena. I felt an urge to develop a format that could provide more vitality and movement, unexpected reflections, more of co-creation and emotional focus. Influenced by narrative and social constructionist ideas, narrative research and expressive formats I found words and tools to do so. The format has developed during the last fifteen years and started off as "supervision in the dark", influenced by concepts as the not-knowing- position together with an insight in how professionals engage in the co-production of inscribing families and phenomena in thin stories. From art, psychodrama and family constellations I got metaphors, a language and tools to bring forward the presence of non-verbal information, feelings and personal expression in the supervision group. The format takes us away from dominant knowing, seeing and hearing and invites professionals to listen and act on multiple voices and see beyond dominant prejudices. The format has an overall philosophy on which I’m writing a book about supervision. A link to a swedish text on Life Staging® follows here: